The release of HomeScout includes a variety of tools for the average buyer and seller. This app has 100% of the MLS information for a better, accurate home search. No more calling on a property just to find out it's sold.

Everyone likes a better experience. Our goal is to make using Homescout as easy and convenient as possible. We think everyone should use this app as it's Personal, Private, & Password Protected!

Fast and Easy Home Search!

It has been adapted across most platforms for easy access on your phone, tablet, and computer.



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Your personal path to a place you’ll love starts with HomeScout®. The private and secure home search that never shares your data and has every listing locally and across the country. See photos, information, and details you may not find on some “other” search sites and stay in the know with up-to-the-moment notifications on listings that give you an unfair advantage over other homebuyers. See more listings, faster than on public search sites who collect and sell your data.

HomeScout also offers a dedicated team of real estate and lending experts to answer your questions and offer expertise when you need it most. It’s your single destination real estate app that allows you to find a place you’ll love anytime, anywhere.

HomeScout. The unfair advantage.

- 100% of listings locally and across the country.
- Ad-free, secure search. Your personal information is never sold.
- Faster updates than the public search sites.
- Agent-grade property details on every listing.
- Save and get updates on your favorite properties.
- Experts in lending and real estate providing assistance when you need it most.

Search like a pro! Stay connected and on top of your home search with HomeScout, your personal path to a place you’ll love.

HomeScout™ is a free home finding service provided directly by Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM2)

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