Working out as a team. Here at Treeline, we started a workout program for twice a week so that everyone under the brokerage could participate. The program was started by our broker Kristen Pell in January of 2017. Our goal was to be healthy and to create a sense of community by working out together as a family. Fitness has a few benefits like boosting overall happiness, energy levels and living longer. We wanted to increase self-confidence so it would shine through to our clients. Our office is one of positivity as a positive person is more likely to solve a problem than to give up and move on. One year later there has been a dramatic change for the better. Everyone that participates has made goals and broken them. Fitness seasons have also opened the borders for better communication between every member. With better communication, our family can get more done. Like a family dinner or meeting talking about new rules or problems. We pull each other up and encourage one another so that our clients can depend on us.